March 24, 2010


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Having to sleep with someone new is quite hard. I am not talking figuratively here like the can’t-keep-your-hands-off-each-other case, which, for its part, also contribute in raising the difficulty a tad higher. I am talking about sleeping, plain and simple. See, it’s a challenge because – after all has been said and done (lol) – you need to find the perfect position wherein you could peacefully and comfortably coexist in the bed and fall asleep together.

I found some pictures in a site called Sheetu and these sleeping patterns allegedly demonstrate the dynamics of a couple’s relationship. I dunno much about that bullshit but yesterday, the sleeping position for us was just a matter of surviving the night comfortably together, so no psychological analysis, thank you.

I usually sleep on my sides when alone. So, this position (see the picture) – i think it’s called spoon or something to that effect – is ideal. However, the contact was very distracting. lol. So we need to change. There was a lot of shuffling going on. At times, I was comfortable but the other was not, then vice versa. Sometimes I end up turning my face away because kissing was like inevitable. It was just difficult. We finally managed to get some sleep in roughly the same state as this (see pix 2) except that we were upside down – our feet near the headboard.


February 9, 2010


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I used to like Villar, you know. A self-made guy, yes? He spoke during my graduation way back and I think he influenced some of my perspectives today. Like be your own man and not be content with slaving for other people and instead have some initiative and, well… you know the drill about the entrepreneurial advice 101.

Then, I came across this analysis that says, somewhere along the way, those people who had to start from scratch and work real hard to become filthy rich had to do things that poor ordinary mortals could not and those born rich had not. And that these things supposedly darken their… er, souls. Worst case scenario: they could become ruthless, mean and really horrible people. Woo.

Anyway, I’m not saying that Villar is… but I figured, people shouldn’t be sticking their dicks out in the fire just so they’d find out how hot it would get. You dig? In layman’s term, I wouldn’t bet my future on him. And how about the money, he’s spending? For a businessman, there is no such thing as a free meal. One has to work for it. And, boy, my P.I. would certainly have to work its ass off in order for Manny to get his ROI. Wahaha.

But, I still believe, better him than Cory and Ninoy’s son. I have a lot of issues with this Noynoy character. Yeah, yeah, he’s a good man, no mean streak in his bones or genes(?). whatever. But we’re not looking for a priest or a saint. We’re looking for a fvcking leader. A leader should have a vision, someone ambitious and audacious enough in order for him to leave a dent on our current situation. I mean, Cory was almost a saint. She was such a good lady. But being nice, unfortunately, is not enough. The brownouts and her bad kamag-anaks were cases in point. Did we grow back then?

As per Noynoy’s pledge: Hindi sya magnanakaw. Fine. But I doubt if he’s bold enough to initiate things and really come up with policies that would really make a difference. What were his accomplishments again? The Nike stint?wtf. Furthermore, a leader, wrote someone, should be able to inspire his people. I mean look at him, can you honestly say he can inspire you? Wahaha. In debates, he reads from a paper, like a drone. There’s this tsismis about his being lazy daw. Wah.

Too bad my bets are not the front runners. I just wish that people would look beyond the hype and the media images. If we look at the small details, there are patterns of leadership, dependability and boldness in some candidates.

February 3, 2010


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As expected, a lot of buzz has been going on since Mr. Jobs launched the “magical” Ipad. The geeks are out in full force, busy gawking, googling, posting in youtube, watching in youtube, blogging, twiterring, and tripping all over themselves (in a very orderly fashion ^^) going loco over the gadget.

Some quarters are actually grumbling that this Ipad (medyo jologs sounding ang name no? reminds me of the way Aling Dionisia Pacquiao or the neighbor’s maid would say Ipod), that this Ipad is just an oversized Iphone. I would actually say an oversized Ipod because, after all, you couldn’t use it to make a call or take a video or picture, the works. Apple is busy hyping this product saying its stronger than netbooks, but my problem with it, despite its custom processor, is that you can’t multitask. Like, come on. The most base of all the netbooks out there can run at least three apps at once. And why not use OSX? I am very concerned about this because I intend to use it for my work as well when I’m on the road – do some simple wordprocessing. I have been holding tight on my money, restraining myself from buying a macbook waiting for this kind of thing to happen. But I dunno if I can trade it now for the Ipad.

The thing does look fancy and I bet the user experience would be fantastic and the price is low, too. Let’s just see when this thing hits the stores.

October 10, 2009


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I was just wondering, like if I’d have my own way or the stars align and I would be working on my Plan C. Then, I would be busy finding a name.

What would be nice?

If it’s a place for Italian food and there are confections and beverage and a bit of alcohol? and sin? lol.

– Fat Duck, Trattoria, Dolci, Bon!, Foliage and the likes are so… How do you say it? Un-original? (obviously)

Anyway, I already have one…



I’d like to patent it already (snickers).

Lest you point out that it’s bastos or anything (not that I am not partially guilty in this regard), it tells you about excessive indulgence. Go and review your Greek. ^^

And so it’s just… perfect, I think.

I am so pleased:

Sounds so primal in the context of appetite.

Which, in my opinion, the way eating as an experience should be…



October 1, 2009


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These days, I am into these stuffs:

plotting ways to seduce A and M and A 😀
looking forward the end of my training
pillaging cities
meeting American Gods

Sleep mode in Powerbooks Live.
Winterboarding my ITouch.
Losing things…

Lost in Adam’s Mad World, Miley’s (yuck) The Climb and Jason’s beautiful Mess
Binging on Haagen Daz Macadamia nut Ice cream,  Big Chill Avocado and Whey, stale Nescafe coffee, Tubig sa Kitchen alternately…
Kissing as always.
Finding my longings.
Desperate for inspiration.
Finding audacity.

Among other things.

September 15, 2009


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I have to traverse perhaps a kilometers or so from the MRT station to get to Greenbelt, where I do my training. The malls – offering the shortest route – are closed during this time  that is why this dude needs to navigate his way through the outskirts of SM and Glorietta buildings for about 15 – 20 minutes depending on my enthusiasm, lateness and the human traffic.  You may be sure this is the same length I am walking going home because I get off work at 9:30 – malls closed as well. Initially, I abhored this feat, for understandable reasons.  But now I kinda liked these long walks. I got to see Makati in the evening, which is more agreeable and pretty.  For instance, I found that the Link – the edifice beside Shangri-la looks so blue and cool especially when seen from Greenbelt – framed by the palm fronds…

Then, I discovered that I could actually read while walking. Then appear smart and attractive at the same time. ^^. A nice lady actually inquired if it is indeed Gaiman I was reading. I said yes. And she said how delightful and surprising. Boys these days don’t read, yes? (As if attractive people do not read books bwahaha) Jokes. And, boys, eh?

Anyway, I am actually blogging because my training – which I owe to Chef Mia (Hi, chef!) entirely – is nearing its end. Because of this activity I have some slight shift in perspective. I’d probably talk about it later.


I am a bit sleepy and I still have about 50 minute of my break time to kill.

September 10, 2009


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Fvck. I so want this. T.T


The Lenovo Pocket Yoga – a netbook that was apparently being developed by Lenovo’s Beijing office for two years already. This pix, among others were leaked after  Sony decided to enter the UMPC fray with the launch of their Sony VAIO P.

September 8, 2009


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I was thinking…

Just when everybody’s enjoying the September drizzle, I am in the middle of summer still. T.T


I have always wanted a small house. Just imagine when there’s the storm: In a small shelter, you feel the storm outside and then you feel protected. In a huge home, the storm would pass unnoticed, including the comforting experience that you feel amidst the anger of the winds.


Among others and people that reminds me of the rain.


I have a suspicion that someone here is gay and actually likes me. T.T


I am hoping that that the Settle’s Best coffee am binging on is strong enough to last me this evening. I am supposed to work on something during my break, and here I am blogging. wtf.

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